Curvy Irena Casting

Hello, people and welcome back! Irena is our last star who is craving to be famous and she will show off her curves for that. When she came to us, we thought she is just a regular girl who is afraid of doing kinky things, but it proved that she is a little freak. She did some things that simply amaze us, so if you wanna see exactly what I’m waking, just watch and drool as she reveals her flawless body to the camera.


You already know that before everything, we have to make sure the girls are having some qualities. We will shoot some photos with them naked after a basic conversation, then the babes will get to some serious business if they want, just like hot Eliska a couple of weeks ago. Usually, all are so shy and nervous and will quit after their naked session. Well, this sexy blonde did not quit. After she presented her body to the camera, the sweet babe seemed pretty eager to start the real thing. Well, in no time she was on the couch, bending downer and downer just to give us that perfect view to her pussy. It was like she simply was begging after a hard one. She will go hardcore tonight and we will say yes to her every request as she is simply amazing. I hope she’ll be back for a second round. See ya all on our website with the entire scene.

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